Are you looking for a solution to living the healthy and fit life you’ve always wanted?



Maybe you love to exercise but you struggle with consistency?



Do you need help finding balance with food?

I’m Lana Osborne Paradis, Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer. After spending years of following the all or nothing approach to eating and exercising, I’d had enough. I felt as though I was giving my all towards my health and fitness but wasn’t seeing the physical and mental benefits I craved.  I began to work on my mindset and prioritize the way I thought about my journey. I created tools and strengthened my mental muscles. By quitting my self-imposed deadlines I was able to create a lifestyle of consistent, enjoyable exercise and healthy eating. Now I teach the exact strategies I used to women all over the world.

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Have you ever wondered the key to a consistent, healthy and fit life?

You do not need a meal plan, hours to spend in the gym or perfect conditions to be successful.

The BIG misconception…

To live your fittest life you’ll need a

go hard or go home mentality

But…those myths are


You do not need to follow a set of rules, a diet or spend hours in the gym to love your body, get fit and live a healthy life.

It’s All About Your Lifestyle.

After finding success by changing my own lifestyle habits, I’ve spent my career teaching women how to eat well, exercise efficiently and find inner peace. It is possible to be strong and fit without a strict diet or spending hours doing boring exercise. The key is to create a mindset and lifestyle that gets results and lasts forever.  I am committed to coaching and supporting my clients in the long term, and love giving them the tools to be in the driver’s seat of their own life.

What if you had ongoing support, coaching and community to help you stay in the fit conversation?

What if you had a group of women you could depend on for support and insight? And a hub with workouts, schedules, how-to videos and recipes?  There is a place that not only gives you the information you need, but helps you implement it in your daily life and it is called the Blast Fitness Lifestyle Club.

Here are some testimonials from our current members, I think you’ll find them quite motivating…


I joined Blast Fitness Lifestyle Club back in May 2014 as a way to get in better shape. I had no idea that it would be so life changing and fun! Lana has created an online community for women that incorporates, not only healthy living through exercise and diet, but also positive mindset, and strength (both body & mind). I'm able to apply Lana's knowledge and teachings to my own lifestyle, as well as to the teenagers I coach in skiing. I love the product Lana has developed and the flexibility and sustainability it provides. And yes, I would DEFINITELY recommend BFLC to my friends. In fact, I already have and will continue to do so.


Besides becoming a part of a community of strong, supportive and like-minded women, the most valuable thing the Blast Fitness Lifestyle club has given me is a set of tools. I learned how to eat smarter (without having to cut out chocolate), how to exercise smarter (sometimes in only 20 minutes!) and how to be compassionate with myself. Because of the Lifestyle Club I am now hooked on lifting heavy and getting sweaty, and I feel strong inside and out!


When I joined the lifestyle club I was in a place in my life where what I needed most was a focus on my mindset. The lifestyle club offered me the tools I needed to bring awareness to the thoughts and habits that weren't serving me - that were creating a life based on unfulfilled expectations, scarcity of time and stress. I learned that to have a healthy and balanced life, I needed to refocus my mindset to support the physical and nutritional actions I was taking - habits I was creating - for a lifestyle I was proud of and could truly enjoy. Over the past year I have experienced an incredible amount of personal growth. I feel more in touch with myself and that I finally know and understand my authentic self - which makes maintenance of my lifestyle pretty effortless - because it's who I am.


Why do most people fall on and off the wagon?

Because they have not made a lifestyle shift

It is not about what you know,

It is about the way you think.


Yes, it is important to know what to eat and how to exercise, but the rubber hits the road when we craft our mindset to support implementation of what we know each day!

Our philosophy in the Lifestyle Club is to give you the tools to know what to do and the mindset coaching to be able to make it work in your own, unique life. We know that do-able and enjoyable habits are the ones that last, and we focus our efforts there.

Each month, Lifestyle Club Members receive:

  • 4 New Workout Videos with coaching cues and how-to tips.

  • 4 New Printable workout sheets to record your workouts.

  • A New monthly exercise schedule with what to do each day.

  • A new educational webinar with coaching and tools to help you implement our eating, exercising and mindset strategies.

  • Weekly coaching emails with insight

  • Access to Lana for personalized coaching on our private chat group.

Join the Blast Fitness Lifestyle Club

Many of our members exercise at home using dumbbells, an exercise ball, mat and bench. Our workouts can be done at home or the gym. This is what existing members have to say about what they receive each month:


What I love is the monthly calendar. I love something to follow and the idea it has scheduled rest days!! I used to work out 7 days a week, now I work out from home, work out less but am more efficient in my workouts. The workout videos are a great tool and I love the community of ladies sharing their success and sometimes not so successful stuff as well.


I joined the lifestyle club expecting ongoing motivation from an awesome group of supportive women with Lana at the helm to help me to get the workouts in on a regular basis and learn new, fun ways to stay fit. What I did get was more than I could have expected; a community of positive women that band together with the aim of improving themselves both inside and out, ongoing information focusing on mindset, exercise and nutrition, as well as the odd kick your butt challenge. I’ve gained more knowledge and self / body awareness than I could have ever imagined. It has helped me to push my limits, and learn what I need to live a comfortable, balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Being a member of the Lifestyle Club has been a real game changer for me! With amazing workouts, recipes, advice and encouragement, my life has seen significant results and changes. It is amazing to have a bunch of friends (some of whom you haven’t even met!) to be there when you are up and down. I recommend this club almost on a daily basis, best club I have ever joined, you never feel alone!

  • Efficient & Effective Workouts

  • Bonus 5 Day Jumpstart

  • Private Facebook Group Support

As a member you’ll also get access to:

  • Our recipe vault containing hundreds of simple and delicious meals.
  • Our workout vault with hundreds of strength, metabolic conditioning, core and cardio interval workouts and videos.
  • Webinar trainings on willpower, nutrition, motivation and more.
  • Ongoing fun club nutrition and exercise challenges.
  • Our private coaching group with Lana as your coach and access to the rest of the Lifestyle Club worldwide members.

You’ll also receive this awesome bonus:

  • The Lifestyle Club 5 Day Jumpstart Program including 20 recipes a 5 day sample meal plan and step by step guidance on how we build our lifestylers nutrition strategy.


Registration for the Blast Fitness Lifestyle Club is now closed. Registration will open again on April 20, 2018. To be placed on the advanced list and gain access to exclusive information; share your details with us.


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